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My family had a dog 'Raja' who lived for 14 years. My sister befriended him when he was a pup wandering in our street. Raja found a cosy home with our family and a cosy seat on her lap! When we shifted homes, we couldn't take him along. The new owners wouldn't allow us to have a pet. Having never seen the new house, he sniffed his way to our new home a few weeks later! We kept him for few weeks and at the insistence of owners, left him at CUPA. When we had a change of heart few days later and went to get him back, we learnt someone at Anantpur had adopted him.
Consoling ourselves that he was at a new home, two years passed by. One day my sister decided that she had to have him back and drove to Anantpur with Grandpa, Mom and Uncle in tow! While driving around Anantpur bus stop Raja ran to the car! He was living like a stray! He jumped into the car and they drove back with him. We convinced the owners this time and kept him! Six years later, Raja passed away peacefully in 2012 in our home. A few years later on facebook I saw frequent posts about those who had lost their pets and were frantically searching. I thought it would help if there was one common platform where those who lost pets and those who found pets could report and connect to reunite the animals. That's when the facebook page 'Lost Pets Bangalore' was started.
While we post on the page multiple times in a week, searching the database for past posts to find matches between lost reports and found reports is very tough. Hence this website! If even one pet can be reunited as a result of this platform, it'll be worth the effort. Stay alert. Watch out for those adorable, loving, kind hearted animals that need your help and mine! Love. Peace. Pets.



Lost your pet? Upload info to our 'Lost Pets' database. Found a pet? Upload info to our 'Found Pets' database.



Share this information on our facebook page 'Lost Pets Bangalore'. Request your friends and family to share the post. Spread the word among all pet friendly communities in Bengaluru.



Lost your pet? Search our 'Found Pets' database. Hope you find a familiar face. Found a pet? Search our 'Lost Pets' database for possible owners.


Ok, so we don't really have a team! I try my best to manage work, family and this page. Hubby man supports whenever possible as a part of the marriage contract ;) ;) If you want to help us, contact us (we can't pay. we can issue certificates / experience letters).

Supriya Kurpad

Founder of the page.

Vegetarian. Dreams and hopes to help animal community in a big way some day.

Prateek Tandon


Vegetarian. Husband obligated to help. ALQ (Animal Love Quotient) has risen exponentially after marriage.

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